Our mission is to produce high quality diamond tools in an efficient and innovative way.
The mission of CDL ltd. is inspired by our main goal – our clients’ satisfaction.

We aim at achieving our mission by following two fundamental rules:
- Quality

Constantly striving for a quality product of a reasonable price, we achieve it by means
of careful planning of our production: row materials, equipment, personnel qualification
and quality control on every phase of the processing cycle.
As evidence of the premium quality of our products, CDL Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001:2008.

- Services

In order to assist our clients in optimizing their selection of tools, we perform an accurate presales
survey of the material to be cut, the technical data of the machines, and their cut requirements.
In addition, we offer our clients post-sales technical support, both personal and via phone or e-mail,
to assist in resolving the specifics encountered throughout the work life of the tools.