CDL Ltd. is a 100% privately owned enterprise, established in 1997 for the production of diamond discs mainly. We started our business with just one second hand hot press machine.

After 3 years of hard work and investment, we were able to secure all the necessary equipment and closed the cycle for the production of diamond discs and gang saws.

In 2005, we developed a unique technology for the production of high quality diamond profile tools and began exporting to the United States.

We invest more than 80% of our annual profits in equipment upgrades, technological innovations, as well as organization and quality improvements.

CDL Ltd. has progressively increased its product range of diamond tools. Currently, it covers most of the tools used in stone processing, construction, road repair and maintenance, optical production.

Our company is a leading manufacturer of diamond tools in Bulgaria, holding over 50% of the market share. The company has market positions in Russia, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

CDL Ltd. is located in a well-equipped building with an area of 1300 square meters.